I had this dream the other night, that I was at some event with a lot of college students and maybe some parents I think. We were housed in some sort of gym. There were two Emcee’s for the event that was occurring and I was in attendance. One Emcee was ok, but the other was so bad and inappropriate for the venue. He was cussing and making innuendo’s. So I hollered out about his inappropriateness in the event, kept making noises as it appeared others were offended as well by this guy. Then all of the sudden the other EMCEE guy took the microphone from the guy who was inappropriate and gave his mic to me to Emcee the rest of the event. I was shocked for one, but I stood up from my seat and got the event back on course. The inappropriate guy was pretty ticked off, but who cared? 

I was pretty happy with how I handled the event; however I felt some awkwardness due to my inexperience as an EMCEE, but I “made it do what it do”. 

That was several days ago and now I am contemplating a lot of stuff. In grad school I took this personality test called the Myers Briggs. I can’t remember which one I was, but I feel this shifting of more social awareness or more problem solving/business personality coming up from my inner beings. I think I’ve always had it, because I have always wanted to own a business and run it. I have always had my imagination full of “ideas”. But they have never really come to the surface. Now, since I have moved to a smaller town and see the apparent need for this area to “catch up” that social awareness/business personality is not backing down. 

So this weekend I have been doing some research on things that I can do education wise to learn about grant writing, websites, advertisements. I already like coming up with new ideas, I already enjoy writing/editing. So far I have written the local newspaper and my idea has transpired to a front and back page article. I have written the local radio station. The jury is still out on that. I feel like I am starting from the very bottom and have a long way to go. This wasn’t a plan a year ago. My plans were to work on my licensure for being a professional counselor. I still will take the additional classes that I need just in case. BUT when I got my student loan bill in the mail and I realized I don’t have that type of money..something within me went BEAST MODE. I think I need to find out how I can get that type of money to pay my bills and LIVE. I’m not too keen on Working just to survive. Right now, I am working hard and doing only that. Working just to survive. My paycheck is not long, I can’t go where I wanna go when I wanna go. That my friends is not something that makes it Cool2bChrisP! I’mma go get my coins! 


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