Donald Lawrence-Encourage Yourself

One of my most all time favorite Gospel songs. This lyrics of this song carried me through some mighty tough times back in 2008-2011. I have been off my game and haven’t been encouraging myself lately. I was reminded while deep in my thoughts a few days ago, my mission for myself, my wants, my needs and desires that not only affect me, but my family as well. I don’t like to settle for less, I attempt to get what I need. Father God, I am nothing without you. I know you made me unique and in Your image. Knowing that fact, I know these hands, this mind, this body, my soul can create some amazing things.

“Speak over yourself, encourage yourself in The Lord.
Sometimes you, have to speak a word over yourself. Depression is all around, but GOD is present help. The enemy created walls, but remember GIANTS they do fall. Speak over yourself, encourage yourself in the Lord. As I minister to you, I minister to myself. Life can hurt you so. Til you feel you have nothing left….I believe I’m gonna run on and see what the ends gonna be…”


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