Man of Steel Review

I know I maybe a few weeks late on this, but due to the rain washing out plans for me and J getting to the fair, we decided to hit up the movies. So here is the movie we both agreed on that would excite his brain as well as excite my emotions. 

Man of Steel was an EXCELLENT movie! Worth the 2.5 hours of being in the movie theater. I realized the movie started at 9:10p and we got out of the thing close to midnight. So maybe it wasn’t as long as I thought….I was just thinking, I can’t believe I’m OUT this time of night when I have work in the morning! *screams* J says, you should really think about self employment….. *laughter ensue* 

Anyway, the movie was great, I give it an A, except Ms. Lois is a very nosy lady and shows up everywhere, seemingly in the right place at the right time, always… *spoiler alert* I love Kevin Costner’s role in this movie, as well as Diane (her last name has left me), but they played the parents to Superman. I was glad to see Russell Crowe in the movie, didn’t expect what happened to him to happen so soon, but HEY! I think I would add this movie to my collection of DVD’s when it comes out in stores. 

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