baby cub

For years I have had a baby lion cub inside of me. He plays around with ideas and dreams about things, writes them down, moves a little and such….but then he started to get a little bigger and louder with his voice as he grew up and matured. I’ve heard his little roar inside of me before, but just ignored what he was trying to tell me because he’s cute and that’s all. The years past on by and all of the sudden he matured into something bigger with a louder, deeper ROAR that I can’t IGNORE. He says that it doesn’t make sense for me to ignore my daydreams, he says that it only hurts me more when I deny myself the chance to explore other things out of fear. He says I should listen MORE. The baby cub is growing into a full grown lion. Hard to ignore, easier to hear, easier to see…..stay tuned as I explore the voice of the roaring lion that is within me.

The baby cub and the lion make it Cool2bChrisP! Thanks for reading, I totally adore you..true story!

*image taken from google*Image


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