Going back….

I have made the decision to return back to a place where I feel alive and warm….Yes people, I have made my plans to be back by my 31st birthday which is the week of August 5th! I am excited to go back, get my big city on in Fort Lauderdale, Florida! The first time was not a bust, but at the same time it was! I said I was going to return and I am making the plans to go back now. I will have to deal with the financial consequences when I return bc Damnit (sorry God) I’m finna have fun! 

I have been working extremely hard this summer and thinking about a lot of stuff for my future.I am reading a very good book to help out with my plans for my career and education. This trip, in my attempt to “get lost”,  will do it for me in that I will be away from NOISE and responsibility. When I returned from Florida in May, I came back extremely tired and irritated. I was depressed the entire month of May because not only was it cold across TN and VA, but it was dark and rainy. I experienced two deaths. One the day I returned to work and one at the end of May. My body did not appreciate the stress and multiple modes of travel so my hormones were thrown off for the following month. 

I have not learned to say “No” to extra responsibilities at work, so I take on more than the average and do not get extra compensation for it. I ask myself, “what was I thinking??” 

So with that being said, I am envisioning the sun kissing on my dark skin, making it even more creamier black than what it is….

I’m going back to Florida (Lord’s willing) and that’s what makes it COOL2BChrisP!Image


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