We will never forget you Trayvon

We will never forget you Trayvon

I do not own this photo, but I would like to dedicate a piece of my blog to Trayvon Martin. I’m not going to get into details about this case or even the recent information that is tearing me up and lighting up my facebook feed…I do want to pray for the Martin family, as this has been a terrible burden on them emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. I am praying for peace in the valley and healing for our souls.


4 thoughts on “We will never forget you Trayvon

  1. I am simply outraged at people calling this justice. I’m pretty sure had it been their child, or brother, nephew, cousin, grandchild, they wouldn’t be calling this justice. That child did nothing wrong, and died in the street alone, because of someone else’s trigger happy hand. Prayers for the family, for his soul, and for our country… Cause I sure don’t like where we are heading…

  2. Thank you Chris. My sentiments exactly. If GZ had followed police instruction and stayed in his car, a young man would still be alive. I cannot believe there was no conviction. My prayers are with the family who lost their loved one, that they may find peace.

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