So for those of my true readers who have been following me and reading my plans. I corresponded with a program director of the local urban radio station here in the city about the needs of the radio station. She emailed me back and I wanted to meet with her and do a “meet and greet”; however I have not heard back from her. After the verdict of the “Not Guilty” Trial was handed to us all in America. I knew for certain that this radio station WOULD NOT cover the story, because all they have been doing since the trial has been televised is just play music. It is disheartening to not hear opinions given on the urban radio station, as if this trial wasn’t happening. Soooo I emailed the program director back to make it known that I would be disappointed if on Monday NOBODY gets on the mic and talks about the verdict of the Zimmerman trial. I also let her know some other things. 

I woke up this morning to get ready for work. I realized I had an email. The program director wrote me back around 1:45am. She said she was on vacation; however she had gotten my email and wanted to respond. She did call into station to ask the DJ who was doing the afternoon time slot, to open the phone lines for the public to voice their concerns and reactions about the verdict. She also told me that people in this area are “shy” about calling into the radio station about anything unless they are calling in to win a prize….STOP RIGHT THERE! What? I thought, who has ever been shy about calling into the radio station?? People LOVE to call into the radio station! I’ve never heard that! Are you kiddin me? My thoughts were, the listening audience is NEVER invited to call in and if they are, it is to ONLY win prizes and that’s why NO ONE Calls! Not because they are “shy”. hahhaaahaha

Onward with my story though. The program director emailed the number of the station for me to call in order to give an example to the people of calling in and voicing my reaction…..When I got off work, I tuned into the radio station. And guess what? The DJ was playing music and taking calls from the public. The calls that came in were very emotional and it was like the people enjoyed being able to voice their reactions to this case! A lady got so overwhelmed that it was hard for her to even talk…
I then took the phone number off the email and made a call to the DJ. I put my phone on speaker and it rang for about 2-3 minutes. I finally got in touch with the DJ to voice my concerns. He asked the question…”So what do you think the solution is to all of this?” I answered his question. He didn’t rush me off the phone, I got my point across and then Boom the call was over. 

I hung up and called my mom, got something to eat, got home and sat in my truck for a few minutes (as I normally do when I get home) and GUESS WHAT?!!! Go ahead, I’ll wait for you to guess……………hehehe. Mr. DJ recorded the conversation we had while off air and then AIRED IT before commercial!!! I screamed!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s MEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! I had about 20 secs of radio time yall! wooooohoooo! I’m always a little self conscious about the way I talk but I sounded GREAT. I think I have a radio voice BOO lol

I won this battle, but the war…Oh it ain’t over. 🙂

This is making it SOOO Cool2BChrisP!


2 thoughts on “Radioooooooo!!!

  1. Now email the lady back and tell her you want a spot as co-DJ on that show. lol! I am shy calling the radio stations; although, I did call a Memphis station back in ’99-’00 when I was in college. I was scared to death and I believe I was afraid I would stumble over my words. For example: We were at Black Beach during the college years and I was hollering out to a guy. He was repeating everything I said and then I said why are you acting like a Pirate- I meant Parrot. AWKWARD! I was officially loud and
    But my hats goes off to you CoolChris you handle your business and got your point across and to that I say, You GO GIRL!

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