When I was a kid….

My brother and I were taught by my parents that money don’t grow on trees and if you need/want something, you work for it. Nothing gets handed to you. You don’t even accept a hand out either. So when I was a kid starting around 8 years old, I helped out w whatever “get money adventure” my mom created for us. I remember my dad, brother and I during one summer made money by stuffing hundreds of yellow pages into bags in our hot garage. When that was done, me, dad and GP went out into the neighborhoods and dropped them off at every apartment door, house door mat, etc for miles. I remember seeing kids parlaying in their swimming pools and wishing I could just dip my foot in the water bc it was so hot.
We also mowed grass and did other landscaping duties for our neighbors. I would make sure all trash and debris was raked up and bagged while pops and GP handled the machinery…but it wasn’t too long until I was also helping w pushing the mower. We did landscaping for years, even after my brother passed. Mowing grass, dog sitting, baby sitting was how I got money for gas as a driving teen, as well as money for going to watch high school football games.
When I went away to college and came back, my dad still had a couple of lawns to help pay for my tuition and expenses.
When I got my first “real” job after high school, I was highly disappointed by the amount I got paid bc I definitely got more money mowing grass, dog sitting, and babysitting.

The work I did as a kid molded me into the woman I am today. I’m independent. I don’t stand for just a Lil bit! There’s always more to get and I expect that bc I work hard……I appreciate my parents for instilling that in me and my brother. Sometimes I ask myself, why can’t I just be content w what’s going on now?? Bc the truth is..my spirit won’t let me.
With that being said. When I return from my vacation, it’s education hustle time so I can learn new skills. I’ve gotta make myself more marketable. I’ll be 31 years old in a week. I’m single w no kids and refuse to continue to not make a profit in this life! Pray for me. I’m glad I’m not where I once was, but this ain’t it either.
My other point is that most parents nowadays don’t teach their children the value of work! Thinking handouts are wasssuuppp. No boo! If you don’t teach them now, they’ll never know.
I’m owt


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