Some 5 thangs handed down to me by my parents

 If you don’t know Imma tell you now. It was meant from the beginning for me to be uniquely made. Not only bc I’m a Christian but because I was born into my fam. My parents names are George and Georgetta btw. But guess what? lol, they could hardly get along ahahaahaha! Also, George and Georgetta begat another George(my brother). All of their birthdays are in March. March 16, March 18 and March 27th…..And guess what??

I came along and changed the game and was named Chris_____born in hot August.

so without keeping you on your toes. 5 thangs my parents handed down to me.

5. nose sweating and over heating. Let me explain. I sweat on my nose when it’s hot either in the external environment or the internal environment. It happens when I’m nervous, upset and hawt, put on the spot, etc. I used to overheat in front of my crush in college so bad that my glasses would fog up, I’d sweat out my hair due and would ring wet! Terrible Terrible. And I get this from my mother. Although I have stopped over heating in front of the men folk as much, but I will get sweat beads on my nose. 

4. Letter writing. Whenever something doesn’t look right and I think I need to put my two cents in, I will email a company in a minute. My dad is a letter writer. I think people just give him what he wants because they get flustered from reading his Japanese handwriting. I didn’t get his penmanship..thank heavens!

3. Higher expectations. When I come over to ppl homes for a visit, It’s a reflection on how much you think about me whether or not you clean certain items. I turn my nose, if I have to curl my toes in the bathroom or kitchen of your home when I visit. If you can’t clean nothing else in your home before I come visit or spend the night, get the floors and counters of the kitchen, the whole bathroom which includes the shower liner to the shower curtain. If you have brown or black spots on your shower curtain liner, I won’t say anything to you, but I will definitely make all attempts to not ever touch your shower curtain liner while showering or clean it myself. The bathtub needs to be cleaned and the sheets on the bed need not smell like your head or body. Oh, and pick up all dirty draws…

Thanks mom, the lady who had two teens and all the neighborhood kids at the house with white carpet throughout the house with a spirit of wanting to have vacuum lines in the carpets everyday.

2. Car maintenance is necessary. Thanks Man for teaching me to maintain a vehicle. Fathers teach your daughters. 

1. God CAN And WILL. Thanks mom and dad. 


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