Fiat, this car is as big as my shoe…but roomy


This is a souped up version of what my car rental looks like. It is very small looking compared to my Nissan Murano that I drive everyday. I think I could pack up this car, place it carefully in a bag and fold it all into the back of my murano. lol

But guess what? It never fails, that no matter where I go, I drive a long way to get there. This car has been good on gas. I think I filled up for $28 so far. 

This car has also caused me to have a lot of male attention. Yesterday while stopped at the red light. This guy over to my right side with his big ol Dodge Ram. Leaned over with his cigarette hanging out of his mouth and yells over to me in my Fiat. I turned my music down and asked him…What did you say?? He said, “The Italians are coming” ahaha. I laughed, he laughed and we all drove off. Then there are the waves and smiles. What is it about this little shoe car?? ahahaha

So this Fiat is making it Cool2bChrisP! in South Florida. 


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