My top 31 thangs I’ve learned before my 31st birthday :-)


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Date: August 5, 2013 2:15:40 PM EDT

Here are 31 thangs I’ve learned before my 31st bday outside of potty training, etc kid stuff

31. There are such things as “work husbands” but that don’t mean he wants to be your real life husband…

30. Never get a tattoo in the middle of the summertime and wanna go swimming.

29. Don’t borrow money if you know you werent or couldnt pay it back

28. Speak up

27. Major in something lucrative in school

26. Fasting and prayer really works

25. Never ever “date” a traveling musician

24. Google all possible dates before going on a 1st date.

23. You’re parents are your best supporters

22. Stand by what’s right

21. Never take ppl or life for granted

20. Set high expectations and goals

19. Eat well/exercise/water

18. Be a person of your word

17. Get a yearly physical

16. Don’t give up

15. Value friendships/relationships

14. Know when to ask for help

13. Laugh and have fun

12. Negotiate everything

11. Surround yourself w positivity

10. With age comes more wisdom

9. Find wise advisors and listen to them

8. Always trust your woman’s intuition, if you are “wrong” at least you erred on the side of caution

7. Never settle for less just because

6. Compromise sometimes but not always

5. Never throw your “pearls” to swine

4. There are two sides to every story

3. Angels do exist

2. No matter how bad or challenging your childhood may have been. forgive, stop blaming your parents for your problems in adulthood. It is now your responsibility to not repeat the cycle.

1. God can fix what is broke!


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