Look at GOD!

Soo with my post I just posted. I talked to my pops and as soon as I put my phone down after hanging up with pops, my brother CB called me. Awww….he asked to see if I made it back to Virginia safely. See, just when I was feeling a little low, God stepped right on in and I got someone to talk to. Won’t He do it?!  When my brother CB calls I always learn something. This man is a consistent learner and teacher of God’s word. He also is a believer in continuing education for whatever subject will help increase financial dividends. I totally am on the same level with that. CB is also a guy who is a great analyzer, good with numbers and concepts, which I enjoy to hear about from him, as I am not as strong in that area….He is also a great inspiration and a great “big brother”. He talks to me on the phone and I can hear his smile and it gave me great joy.  I feel so much better now and I told you It’s still Cool2BChrisP!


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