Vacation blast

As many of you know, this is my first week back from Vacation. I got on the road from Virginia to Tennessee on August the 2nd and returned on August 19th. It was a vacation to celebrate my 31st birthday mainly, as well as to runaway from the craziness that was my summer this year. So I’mma do a quick rundown of how much of a blast my past vacation was. 

I got home to Nashville on the evening of August 2nd and stayed home until my flight to Fort Lauderdale on Monday morning August 5th. The flight on August 5th was the best flight ever! It was a great day to fly and it was a NON STOP flight to Ft. Lauderdale. It was my 18th anniversary for my first flight andddd I so happened to be sitting by a young boy who was experiencing his first flight as well. It was a nice, sunny, warm and beautiful day to fly on Monday, August 5th..My 31st birthday. I went on this trip by myself and only got nervous about me being alone for a few minutes, but those minutes passed as soon as I saw the BEACH! 

I had been to the Ft. Lauderdale airport three months before when I flew in with pops during our vacation there. BTW, I went back to the area because I felt like I needed a “do over”. When I was with pops, I was so very tired from driving. We went on a two day ship to the Bahamas, and visited the not so great parts of Bahamas. I started cramping in the Bahamas and all I wanted to do was sleep and put a muzzle on all the talking going on around me…ANYWAY, I went down to get my rental car. When I went out to the garage, a guy asked…Do you want the Fiat??  I looked over at this small…red car. I said, AIGHT! I get in the car and feel somewhat awkward. This car is nothing like my big SUV! I had to learn it really fast, but was able to dash out of the parking garage and onto the interstate headed towards Pompano BEACH!

As I drove around I made my phone calls to my parents to let them know I had made it safely and I was headed towards Wyndham Sea Gardens resort. *sigh* The sun feels different down in those parts. It’s like your skin feels it and soaks it up. It’s almost like the heat is not even a nuisance but rather your bestest friend ever. That’s at least how I felt.

I had a few hours before my check in time, so I sat at Pompano beach and people watched. Watching America’s working people soak up the sun and fun with their friends and family is amazing. It’s this feeling of euphoria for only a few days or week before returning to hitting the pavement again where there is no sun and likely not as much fun. The people are so beautiful and brown. Covered Tattoo’s emerge on salty bare skin, eyes are covered by cool shade glasses and there’s a smell of food, sun tan lotion, sunblock, sea water and the feel of warm sand under your feet. My Lord. 

My room was upgraded from a studio to a two bedroom for reasons that the studio was not available. I did not fuss. This resort had a full kitchen, two bedrooms. One with a bathroom with a shower. The other with a bathroom and a large jacuzzi tub in the room. There was a living room and another bathroom inside it. Wyndham sea Gardens resort was located right across the street from the beach. When I stayed there, I walked the pedestrian crossing across the street, passed another outdoors pool, across the sand and next to the ocean. I found my spot, plopped down with my bathing suit on, my towel, my journal, sunscreen and a peace of mind. I look over to see protected places where Sea Turtles came to nest their eggs. Ha, I have never seen that before and they were everywhere. I wish I could have been there long enough to see the creatures emerge from their eggs and into the sea…but one day, I guess. 🙂

I get in the water and I felt like a child all over again. Dive in, get your hair wet, let the waves come hit you in the face. WOOOHOOOO!!!! Happy Birthday to me! But for not too long, I have to get to Pembroke Pines to meet my friend! 

Sheer coincidence. A friend that I met at church last year up here in Virginia was also in South Florida visiting her aunt. We found out we would both be in town around the same time, about a week or two before we went down. Funny huh? I had not heard from her in a few weeks when she texted me. She is in grad school at Virginia Tech and I have been working summer camp. I texted, Girl I’m going on vacation to Fort Lauderdale. She text..I AM TOO!! She got to Pembroke Pines on the 2nd and left on the 7th. I got there on the 5th and left on the 10th. So I celebrated my bday with her and was able to get a birthday cheesecake at Bahama Breeze 🙂 The day after we went to Pembroke Gardens which is an outlet mall and got a mani and pedi. It was the absolute best mani pedi I have everrrrrrrrr had! Shout out to Venetian Spa! (which I found out Nashville has a Venetian Spa as well in Green Hills next to Ruby Tuesday by the mall. woot woot) We also got a few cheesecakes at The cheesecake Factory. I got one because where I live in VA does not have one and I’ve been wanting one on the real for a few months. It was so fun spending time with my friend Joyann who actually left Wednesday morning on a flight to NASHVILLE. Our lives are weird. She went to undergrad at Fisk in Nashville and still visits there from time to time, although her home is in Jamaica. haha

Wednesday I was able to sleep in, take a walk to the beach again and chill. Then I took a dip to get all the sand off me in the pool outside of my resort door. It was a wonderful pool where I met a couple named Mike and Libby. Libby asked me if I wanted to play bingo with her, but I had to go as I had to go meet somebody else later that evening!! 

Off to Pembroke Pines again on Wednesday evening to meet an old neighbor family friend of mine who moved from Nashville to Pembroke Pines a couple years ago. This family friend has known all of us since 1993. It was so good to see Mrs Cee R. We went out to eat on Wednesday evening and she took me by the everglades, and gave me a history tour of what was out there. I learned so much from her. LOL! I also found out that she is a speed demon. We were in that Mercedes coupe going at least 90-95 mph by the everglades which is flat and wet lands! Thanks to President Clinton who stopped all construction, etc from happening on the wetlands back in his era. Now all there is, is as far as the eye can see, eery looking trees, grass, canals, swamp land and Alligators! Mrs. Cee told me that she takes this certain route to work and one day there was an Alligator crawling across this long flat street. OOoowwweee. We also went to the mall. It was a breath of fresh air being able to see her home, new neighborhood and be around somebody else I knew. I missed Mr. R because he left to go golfing in Orlando that morning. 

The next day was Thursday which was my check out day from Wyndham Sea Gardens and check in for Wyndham Palm Aire. Palm Aire was away from the beach, but because they are all Wyndhams, you could go back to Sea Gardens, park and use the facilities, as well as walk over to the beach. I did a couple of walk backs barefooted…I never like to be barefoot in the elements. But hey “when in Rome” and plus with wet feet, I didn’t want to break my sandals. 

BTW, I slept really well while in Florida. I hadn’t slept well during the week in about 2 months. Sleep was definitely HAD. Palm Aire was gorgeous with a balcony, huge jacuzzi tub, huge shower, full kitchen, two bathrooms, a sitting booth, a living room and another bathroom close to the front entrance. I enjoyed the Jacuzzi very much and the huge shower. Mrs. Cee came to the resort to get me and take me to MIAMI!!! Ayiyiyyiiiiiiiyiiiii!!! 

Welcome to Miami, Beinvenidos!!! Mrs Cee took me around downtown Miami and where she used to live before buying a home. Then I saw where the Miami heat play ball, and had a great smoothie at the Bayside Mall and Marina! This place was fantastic! I have not been this happy in a while! I love when people talk Spanish to me!! This man at the smoothie kiosk spoke to me and I understood Boo boo! I was in hog heaven! you hear me??

I think in a past life I was born on an spanish speaking Island. I’m so serious. The tour did not stop there. Mrs. Cee took me to a diner called, The Big Pink! It was great and then we headed to SOUTH BEAAAACHHHHHHHH! South Beach has white sand and people everywhere! We walked up to get to the beach and was welcomed by a HUGE rainbow. I look around to see people doing a Yoga class on the beach. Right smack in the middle of the rainbow was a cruise ship in the distance. Next thing I know another rainbow shows up and it was a sight to see! The beautiful buildings behind us, white sand, brown people, languages and bodies ahaha. We then walked several blocks down Ocean Ave. It was restaurant after restaurant, shop after shop. I got my workout on with fast walking Mrs. Cee and it was worth it! 

On Friday, I slept in a little, got myself ready and went to find this beach that my pops and I went to in May. It’s called Del Ray beach and it’s out there with the rich white people hehe. The water was a bit choppy so I did not get in too much, but it was relaxing. I heard that the ocean water is good for whatever ails you. I do believe it’s true. I stayed out there about 2 hours. I found a shower that is located near the sidewalks after you leave the beach area. I rinsed off the sand and salt as much as I could and headed to DeerField Hilton to grab  dinner. Me and pops stayed at the DeerField Hilton when we were there in May. I wanted to stop by for old time sake and eat my last dinner there. 

I put about 400 miles on that Fiat baby! It doesn’t matter where I go, Imma put miles on a car huh? 

Then next thing you know it, I was on a plane to Tampa, then back up to Nashville on Saturday evening. That went by fast didn’t it? Sho did! 

Stay tuned to the 2nd half of Vacation Blast!!!!

South Florida, ocean water, sun and tours made it soooo Cool2bChrisP!


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