Labor Day festivities!

Hahaha! My Labor Day has consisted of Labor. I have spent 5 hours cleaning my apartment. I wanted to start on Friday but procrastinated :-/ now I’m starving! What’s left for this day? Welp, if I can get my trash to the dump, my recycling to the bin, my clothes out of the dryer, my dishes out of the dishwasher, a shower plus more hygiene and a quick trip to the grocery store w my coupons….I’d be in good shape! Whewwweeezeerrrss!!!
But guess what? I think I’m closer to Godliness right now rather than far away 😉 my place was hideous! Sooo there’s only a few more hours of daylight left, hope not to waste it! Back to paycheck labor tomorrow! 😉
I’m owt!


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