Tamar Braxton-The one!

I wasn’t too fond of Tamar’s decision to bring out her follow up single with this old school beat. But hey, I guess it works. what I love about this video is that it doesn’t have too much “pomp” She’s in overalls and I LOVVEEEEEEEEEEE that she is showing us her BELLY and not hiding her pregnancy!I don’t know why women in the business attempt to hide their belly anyway? It’s precious! Especially when you are married to your baby daddy… It’s a breath of fresh air for what’s out there right now. If you are pregnant SHOW IT! haha

I do not own this video.


2 thoughts on “Tamar Braxton-The one!

  1. Dont like those overalls one bit, and not too fond of the song either lol! But I think it is cool that she embraced her baby bump.

    1. I wasn’t either until I realized something greater about this video. She is paying homage to Toni and Vince in this video. Check out the “How many ways I love you” from Toni back in the day. Overalls, yellow jeep, and the moves while in the jeep…That song Toni sang was also produced/written by Vince. Now I’m digging it.

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