BE BLESSED-Paul Morton (My encouragement below)

“You can depend on GOD to see you through, You can depend on Me to pray for you….Be blessed my brother, be blessed my sister.
You might be hurting, you might be crying, you might be worrying. Let me encourage you, let me speak LIFE to you. I’m gonna keep on praying for you..praaaaayyyy..I’m gonna keep on praying for you. You can depend on God.”

I heard this song on the way home from a 50 minute church service today. I am not used to church services being that short in duration. I would have no problem with its duration IF I felt like I even went to church this morning. Sometimes I hate even getting up to prepare my face and body just to be right back out having had NO worship experience. But I continue to go because the people are nice and every now and then the experience feels somewhat like I worshipped. I have felt like this since maybe April about my current church…I am hoping it changes soon. So I need you to pray for me. My pops sends me CD’s of my home service often so that I can get a little something that has some encouragement and feels like worship…
Anyway on to my topic at hand. As listened to this song this morning, like I have done so many times before is…Thank GOD for my friends and family. Without a doubt these people pray for me OFTEN. How do I know? I’m here today, healthy, breathing, in my right mind and writing you about it right now.
And because my people have prayed for me…I pray for you. I pray for the sick, pray for the healthy, pray for prosperity, pray for healing, pray for your openness to receive my prayers for you. Whoever you are.
I want to say Congratulations to my sister DC for her new job! I knew you could do it. NO matter what people say, where EVER you go advancement sure will follow. Going the extra mile has never been a foreign concept for you. You are sweet, giving, intuitive, creative and a rare gem. God sees and knows.
Congratulations to my Mama. You are going doing so well with Real Estate, I pray for your prosperity, for your health, tenacity and creativity, that you keep up the great work and double plus what you are doing now.
Do you believe that prayer works? I remember crying and praying to God after I graduated from undergrad to send me some friends because I was far from my friends in Memphis and was lonely in Nashville. Shortly after I made friendships with three women that have changed my life. Who I adoringly call, my sisters. Ha! Won’t HE do it?
Theres been other examples of what praying has done for me. I just can’t tell it all…It’s soooo much.
I love ya, enjoy this video that I don’t own.
Praying makes it Cool2bChrisP!


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