I now have..

I now have a new respect for instructors. I mean I have taught before and done ONE training..but not at this level. I have a new respect for instructors/professors now that I am Instructor Chris P! It wasn’t too long ago when I was a student so I can respect both sides. 

My first class was tonight and lasted from 5p-8:45pm. This kid by the first hour throat was very dry. I have been suffering with Fall allergies. All and All I am very glad I did not have class on Monday or Tuesday because the amount of sneezing and snotting was not cool. Tuesday was the worst! My energy was on ZERO! My nerves was up to TEN! Now my energy is slightly higher and I have been able to breathe a little. I am very much hormonal as well, so that doesn’t make any situations better.

I have  a class FULL of women! 22-23 women who are in the school’s nursing program. It is exciting to get to know all of them. Attitudes and all. HA! I guess my master’s degree is worth something. For a minute, I wasn’t too sure hahaaha…seriously though. 

Anyway, til next time.

Instructing makes it Cool2bChrisP! 


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