Welp, as most of you know, I am a city girl. And the funny thing about that is. I thought I was country until I moved up here to the valley. I was rudely mistaken baby. I mean when I was a kid I was outdoors much of the time with my brother and his friends. I loved playing with him in the woods at the back of our house. I’d go barefoot anytime, if possible. I am still like that today. But yesterday I was again hit with the fact that I maybe more like my mom than anything else. JB took me out on his property last night. JB lives in the BOONS! IN my mind, you can’t really get anymore Boondock than JB’s place. I mean my phone doesn’t work out there. I can only send and get text, but no phone calls because he is in the mountains. 

Anyway, we walk out to the property and I have my little cute girl sandals on…not knowing that I or we were going to be walking around his property. Mind you, Monday night, I dreamt about a snake. I emailed JB and told him I dreamt about a snake, after he told me his dog picked up a couple of them around the house. Sooo since his dog picked up a couple of them, I thought, hey there goes my dream. 

As We are walking, I tell his dog, hey, I trust you to protect me if I need protecting! Umm…a few minutes later while trying to pay attention to JB and watch the ground at the same time. WHAT DO I SEEEEEEEE FOO!!!! A d**** snake right close to my feet!!!!!!! *woooooooweeee* The funny thing is, I did a quick two step or more out of the way of its path. I think I squealed a little bit. I do know I called out to the dog and JB! Then I trotted like a show horse around the area to safety. I surprised myself that I did not scream loud nor did I take off running..I just did a quick fox step…tango out of the way. AND I did not freak too too badly because it was a baby snake..yet and still, still very slithery, still very surprising. I was mad at the dog for not catching it first! She was so quiet and I thought she had my back!!! Guess again. 

Snakes do not make it Cool2bChrisP! *screams!!!!!



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