I had a visitor yesterday! It was so cool to see my friend doing and feeling well. I don’t know if everyday he feels that way, but he appeared to on yesterday. I have not written or spoken about him in a while and that’s because we don’t really speak that often. I check in every now and then to see if he is still roaming about, but never do we really communicate. I recently saw a local news broadcast featuring him and his battles with his health. The report came out at the end of August, but I saw it sometime later. I am really glad the community has reached out to assist him in receiving brain injury services through a grant. If you don’t remember the story of Mr. Jason, let me briefly remind you. Last year after receiving news about Mr. Jason’s misfortunes with his health, I wrote an anonymous letter to one of the editors of the local paper. And bc he and I don’t communicate often, I was never aware of the fact the editor indeed called him and did a full spread story about his ordeal with his brain illness, job loss and attempts at getting disability. A few months passed and I had actually forgotten about the email I sent, until I got word that Mr. Jason’s story was featured on the front and back page of the paper. 

So that was the background story…and fast forward to last month, he was featured on a news report here locally. I can say, that this community is more apt in helping than any community that I have previously known. I pray Mr. Jason continues to improve on his health and gets back to some sense of normalcy soon. 

It was good to see him and it is also great knowing someone like him. A person that exhibits great resiliency when facing dangerous health problems and obstacles. I have known of instances where Mr. Jason has been near death, having complications with losing all of his possessions, not getting his needs met and never wanting to burden anyone about any of it.. but yet and still he can come sit in my living room, crack several jokes, laugh, and just BE. 

Life for some of us is harder than others or at least it appears to be. Resilient people who keep ticking, never losing hope through life circumstances, are people to surround yourself with. 

I strive everyday to be the same, not dwelling in my past hurt, forgiving those who need forgiving, chalk up my loses when necessary and move towards progress indefinitely. What about you? Everybody hurts sometimes, but what you do with it or how you deal with it is up to you. I chose to BE….I think Mr. Jason solidified that for me. 

Happy Reading…I totally adore you…true Storaaayy! 

Resilience+Progress makes it Cool2bChrisP


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