My TOP TWO Reallllest R&B tracks in rotation right now.

#2- Jaheim!! With his single “Age Ain’t a Factor”. Have you heard the lyrics to this song? It basically is Jaheim telling his woman that the older she gets, the better she looks. Age actually becomes her. Jaheim has never disappointed me with his musical talent! I say he is under appreciated because it isn’t about a HIT for him. It’s about the lyrics, art and true R&B. You know he’s a breath of fresh air. I cannot stand the Tanks, Genuwine’s and Tyrese, they are #TeamTooMuchLust and #TeamTooMuchSex. I mean what else do you have?? Thanks Jaheim with Age ain’t a Factor!



#1 Toni Braxton and Babyface-Hurt You! Yesssahhh, this song gives me life. Do you hear the air in Toni’s voice when she sings. “Sooo why apologize…”The lyrics in this song are real and done in such great taste, which stands true to the original R&B genre. I am so glad that Babyface convinced Ms. Toni to grace us again with her talent. We would have never had this countdown!

Videos coming sooonnnn! Check out the Jaheim one. Very classy


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