I’m up!

Sooo I’m up earlier than I want to be. So glad I went to bed early bc I got woken up. First, let me tell you that lately my dreams have been really live! It has been very tangible like For the past couple of weeks. I’m no stranger to incredible dreams but when it’s all the way action packed I wake up feeling like i didnt get any rest. So I dreamt that I was walking through an African forest. How do you know it was an African Forest? Well the people around me, including me had Accents. We could’ve been somewhere else but just listen. So as me and a dozen ppl were walking through this forest, we came across a smoky part of the trail. The smoke was so bad I had to put my jacket over my mouth to breathe. Something somewhere had caught fire. I could smell it all, see it all in my dream. but We kept walking until it cleared up.
I wake up from that dream to try to figure that out. Only to wait about 10 mins later and smell something burning filling my bedroom…from underneath me. My new neighbors below me had burned something..smelled like toast. I got outta bed to make sure I didnt see flames, so I opened my screen door to see a little smoke coming from my neighbors screen door. I heard their alarm going off but it has since stopped. I also heard her coughing her lungs out…Now I’ve been up for almost an hour sneezing and snotting from the little smoke residue and smell. I have my windows up so thats prob why i smelled it so strongly. These mofos are gonna make me get renters insurance.
I’m gonna try to grab my last 10 mins of sleep! It never fails that even when I attempt to get 8 hours of sleep something disturbs me :-/
The blessing is, no harm done. But the smoke and scent is messing w my nostrils.


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