Brandy-Best Friend (TBT and dedication song)

When I was on my trek to work this morning, I was listening to my app..because you know radio in this area is BOO! Anyway, this song came on and I automatically thought about my Best Friends. I got a little sentimental as I was speeding ahaha. This song and my memories of my sisters fueled my energy which in turn fueled my right foot 🙂

My sisters Charonda and Dot. I truly don’t know what I would do without these ladies! Charonda when I was going through a sick period of my life in college cleaned up after me when I got sick in the bathroom. Haha, I knew right then that she was cut out to do nursing! And that is what her profession is today! We had many many stories of “Lean on me” stories. What’s funny is, we didn’t really want to be roommates. We were forced bc my roommate moved out and her roommate dropped out. So to keep from getting charged for a single room, we had to room with each other. We lived across the hall from each other at first and that’s how we knew of each other. ahaha good memories. I remember the stupidest stuff that would happen, like the time I busted my tail in the shower. Her dude at the time who she was talking to on the phone heard my tail fall! That’s how loud it was! I thought I broke all of my body completely off! I think I was bruised for 3 months. The time when she helped me through my first heartbreak by telling me.”If you love that boy, go ahead and love him!” The funny thing about that was, I took her advice and next thing I know, I was over the boy. If I could go back and just relive the dorm life with my sister I would rewind myself. I can always count on her to be HER and she makes me LAUGH so much even though she’s not even trying! I never had any close female friends before I met her at the age of 18.

Then there’s my sister DC. DC and I met while at work back in 2007. We connected from just mentioning similar familial struggles. I’m about to tear up. When I was going through, DC housed me at her apartment, fed me when I was hungry and didn’t have any money bc I was a struggling grad student. Was my counselor when ish hit the fan with my own family, got me out of town to see her family many times. She kept me laughing. I would stay over her house on her computer for hours putting in applications for jobs in Virginia, Maryland, DC, Pennsylvania and even Delaware. haha She would encourage me to continue seeking for what I wanted out of town even though she didn’t want me to leave. She’d always say, Sister…when it’s time, it will come so fast. And it did. Once I got a job in VA, I was gone within the next month.
We use to live a 2 minute walk from each other. LOL, I could holler SISTERRR! from my apartment and I could hear her yell back, SISTER!! ahaha

This dedication does not exclude my other sisters and brothers that I love so dearly. I am truly blessed. But it is to shout out these two ladies as I thought of them while on the road this morning.
I do not own this video, but my Best Friends Make it Cool2BChrisP!


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