My office space today


I didn’t make my trek to work today so I could take a paperwork day w nature. I’ve been suffering since the middle of August w a loss of my MOJO. I had a moment last night where I had to turn my air condition on to cool off and find my happy place. Felt like I was about to suffocate. My dad called just in time to talk me out of my anxiety spell. How does he do it? Bc he suffers from anxiety as well. He doesn’t know I know that, but I figured it out a few years ago and confirmed it on our Florida trip. So the park was my office today! And what a beautiful day it is/was! I got some vitamin D for sure 🙂 so I’m not done w my paperwork my laptop just ran out of battery so I have to go indoors 😦 I also got my oil change and inspection done, as well as my eye appointment! Winning!


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