Saturdays are heaven sent! I mostly spend my Saturday mornings and afternoon glued to the bed, but today is different. I went to a ladies day function at my church. It wasn’t the best ladies day, but the fellowship was amazing. Just getting to talk to ladies I have not talked to ever, but see about every Sunday. It lasted until this afternoon. Now I’m in the mood to clean and cook 🙂 I have already started my washing and have some chicken on the stove. I thought about my family. I wish they were here for me to cook for them. I have something fantastic on my menu for today. But it’s just me myself and I…Surprisingly I have Energy to do it today. I love bright, sunny day Saturdays. It fuels me just like it fuels a plant drooping from no energy. AS you guys may know I am severely Vitamin D deficient. My doc caught it last year. I am not sure if before then they even tested for Vitamin D. I was at a 16 last year, took meds for it and stopped the meds for six months, hoping to get back home for my own doc to test me..Well when I did get back home my Vitamin D dropped to 13.3. To be optimal the suggestion is for one to be at 45-100 ml of D in their system….so yeah I have an issue on my hands. I am taking 50,000 IU’s of D per week, then I have to be retested in about 4 months. 

Vit D is responsible for weight gain, increase in blood sugar levels, high blood pressure, heart disease, MS, muscle weakness and pain, severe PMS, fatigue, low concentration, seasonal affective disorder (mood) and there’s more I just can’t remember it all.  Out of the things I just mentioned..I have 6 of them. It is not fun. It is probably why I like the sunshine in Florida. It just feels different to my skin, my mind and my whole body. 

Anyway, I am going to try to get some of this good sunshine and cook AND clean before the day is over 😦 

A Happy Saturday makes it Cool2bChrisP! 

*I resolve to call*


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