This has been a really good weekend 😀

First, I think the sunlight did me very well. I got my oil change and inspection on Friday between paperwork sessions. I was offered to get my inspection done by Nissan. At first I told Nissan to forget it, I’ll wait until the end of the month to get my inspection done. But they convinced me to get it done then. I am so glad I got it done at Nissan. Last year was my first year getting my truck inspected in the state of Virginia and it was an uncomfortable experience. In Tennessee we go through Emissions. You have to go through emissions in order to get your tags renewed. When you go through emissions, the only thing that is tested is what amount of pollutant your vehicle puts out. That is $10, the tag renewal is…ooo I forgot. In Virginia, you have a tag renewal that you can get separately from the inspection. Any auto shop can inspect your car. And some auto shops can take you to the bank when they do. These inspections check things on the inside and outside of your car. Last year, I asked firestone, why are you EVEN inside me car?? Firestone last year charged me $16 for the inspection, then turned around and said I had a burned out light in charged me $14 for that. I was perturbed. I should have asked them to show me the burned out light before they “replaced” it. So my experience wasn’t the greatest so I wanted to put it off this year until possible. 

But guess what..this year? much much better. I passed inspection and Nissan didn’t even charge me. WINNING!!!!

Then I went to my eye doctor appointment. I really like this doctor. They are so professional and the office is so clean and friendly. I love when people pay attention to details! I found out my eyes have improved since last year! WINNING! I was also able to get a 6 month supply of contacts and a pair of cute black framed glasses. I brought glasses to the office to put lenses in, but one was bent and the other could not fit my prescription. I got out of there without being taken to the bank to badly. 

I was able to do some catching up with a friend and meet a new friend. Soooooooo this weekend turned out great. My energy is improving. I did get a nap in today, but only because I was on the phone so long last night that I went to bed around 2:30am and had to be up early for church. 

Anyway, I’m praying for a great week this week and a continued increase in my energy level. hehe I feel like heading to the club right about now. jk jk


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