I woke up this morning and on my Itunes was listening to some old solid gold gospel. One song that was on was by Dottie Peoples “It’s so Hard to get Along”. I used to sing this song around the house when I was younger than 10 years old. Whenever my brother would peeve me or my parents…or if they were peeving each other, I would sing out..”It’s so Hard to Get Along.” That in itself brought me back to my birth to 10 years old period and spending time with my Grandmama Nancy. Nancy was my dad’s mother and the sweetest of all people. I never heard her get loud, never heard her say anything that wasn’t pure gold. 

She lived in Alabama where my pops is from and it was JOY to go “home” to visit her for the weekends, holidays and/or summers. That’s where I know for sure as a kid I had to use my imagination the most in order to knock out some boredom. You know grandmama’s back then didn’t have any games to play. Anyway, my gm would wake up at the crack of dawn to begin preparing breakfast for us when we visited.  I just remembered waking up smelling, toast, sausage, eggs and grits. Not only did she have this smell filling the house, but she would be singing her gospel music played over the Am station on this big ole’ gray boom box. *moment of silence*  I remember it as if it were yesterday. I can see her kitchen, the barstools, smell the smell and remember her soft dark hair w a few grays(Gm was black Native American). I still think back to how her home was so warm and loving…it has to be how heaven feels…

It wasn’t until a year or two ago that my dad told me that Grandmama Nancy was born with a heart defect. And it wasn’t until a few months ago that I found out that when my dad was in middle or high school she got really ill. She was so ill that her doc at the hospital sent her home to die. Well she did die…25 plus years later. I had no idea, I thought her health problems came later on in her life. But she had triumphed many times over her condition. You know how old she was when she finally went home to be with the Lord? 70 years old. I was 10 years old when she passed. I just sit back and think of the miracle of having made it on earth 70 years. 70 years after being born with a heart defect back in the 1920’s. Not only did she make it but she birth three kids, with two of the kids being big headed boy twins…my dad and uncle. I saw on my dad’s bcertificate that he was a big baby. 8 pounds of baby. I’m not sure how big uncle was.  So I have miracles running through my family veins. 🙂

I just thought I had to share my Grandmama Nancy with you. She was an angel walking on earth. I remember one time I was with her on her front porch. Being that I am from Tennessee, I felt different from the kids in her neighborhood. So when there would be kids walking through the yard or down the street I thought or felt like they were staring at me. I asked; “Grandmamaaaahhh(you know kids and southerners like to draw out our mama’s names lol) why are these kids staring at me??” Her answer very sweet and soft: “Baby bc  they have never seen anything so beautiful” 😀 Awwwwahhh. I was probably 7-8 years old. Another great memory and my last I will share. In my household my parents and my brother’s birthday are in March. March 16th, 18th and 27th. My birthday? Aug 5th. So one year in March while everybody else was getting birthday cards and gifts, I went out to the mailbox to see one envelope addressed to ME! I knew the writing was from my fav person evaaarr. I opened it up. The card was a “Thinking of You”, I read some more and in her penmanship was the writings ” Thinking about you. Don’t want you to feel left out bc everybody’s birthday is in March. Love you, Gmama Nancy” and there sat a $5 or $10 bill. haha it was the greatest gift a child could ever receive. 

I pray that I have within me the same fiber that fueled her to keep keeping on. To never lose why we are here on earth, to live it to the best of our ability and to never lose that love for each other, especially with family. Love and miss you Grandmamaaaahhh! 


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