While my phone charges

Welp, while my phone charges I guess I will just sit here and write. I had a “paperwork party” today after the kids got out of school early today. What’s a paperwork party you may ask? It’s where you meet your coworkers informally and just feed off each other’s energy as you all get your backlogged paperwork completed. Any questions about anything can be easily asked and answered because you have other people there doing the same things. It really takes the SUCK out of doing paperwork, especially during times one has lost their MOJO. Some people fear they will spend much of their time chatting and not being productive..but if you are as far behind as most of us are then we all have a like mind to buckle down and “get er done”. So today it was just me and one other co worker. I am hoping I started a trend of informal “paperwork parties” w my coworkers in the future. Our next day out of school is coming on the 24th. I am hoping a few more of us can get together w the spirit of getting things done, as well as bouncing ideas and trading energy. 

As school counselors we don’t see each other except at meetings or etc..much of the time. It would just be fun to see them from time to time in a comfortable setting. 

Anyway, I have much to do after my phone charges. I will be heading to the gym. YES THAT’S RIGHT I SAID IT! There is a golds gym down the street from my house. I have NOT been inside a GOLD’s in almost two years. I was a member at home. I was surprised when I moved closer to the city that there are some Gold’s locally. I’m not sure what I’m going to do, but I’m using this 7 day VIP pass until payday when I can for real pay for being there. 

My apartment is the only apartment I know that doesn’t have a gym facility. Boo hoo. So I have to spend duckies on a membership..I don’t want to, but I have to for me. If I stay in the house to do the DVD’s this kid will NOT do it. Anyway, pray for me. I got a lot of fluffy and jiggly junk in the front back and side to side.  🙂

After the gym I plan on grading some papers and hitting the sack early…I said I PLAN on…This going to bed early is not an EASY FEAT. I’m a night owl and going to bed before midnight feels good in the morning, but at night I  have to convince myself to get IN the bed. 


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