Long day Wednesdays

I have a massive load of papers to grade for my instructor position. Eeekkk. I think I had to put the “late work” smack down on a few students. I gave them my email address and told them I’d have to dock 10% for every week their assignments are late. I have a few people who have not turned in a week or two of assignments. “Where dey do dat at??” I don’t teach for nothing, neither do they pay bookooos of money for nothing! Am I wrong? So I gave them until tomorrow night to send me any work or it’s a DOCK! It’s not fair to the other students who are there and doing the work on time! Now I know how it feels to be the instructor. OmG funny how the tables have turned. I remember having excuses for my late work and emailing my professor my work. ahahaha. I feel bad now, because I see some of my students doing it….to me… HA!


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