dinner date.

HA! I have a dinner date tonight at 6pm. I will be picked up and taken to a restaurant somewhere close to downtown. I forgot the name of it. Just when I was thinking about cooking something….Who’s my date? Brother Chachi from the church and his wife 😀 

See they make it hard to LEAVE and search for other churches. As some of you know, I have NOT been happy with my church since April. First, the minister started a series called the “Holy Spirit”  and he stayed on that subject from mid March to August!!!! There were some breaks in between because there were moments the minister was out of town, but still..that is a LONG time to speak on one subject. My thing was, this subject would make a really good sunday school lesson, that way if there were any misinterpretations with what was taught, then others could ask questions and create a discussion/study further. I felt like he repeated a lot of stuff and this kid just got bored. I also got really bored after he said he doesn’t believe in the miracles the way he performed in the NTestament. HA! I believe that God doesn’t turn water into wine type miracles, but I believe that creating the bodies ability to heal itself is a miracle. Or situations that were close calls but turned out to be in your favor are miracles. So every since that incident I have wondered with my mind everytime I attend. I grieve on Sunday’s because I know the sermon will last 15-20 minutes. I will get a powerpoint of the sermon, get a running commentary from the minister, no application, no emphasis, no rising and falling of the minister’s voice…just a straight collegiate experience and THAT is not my thing. 

This is a true story. This area of my transition has been the PITS. I even thought about going to a Baptist church. I know my daddy would *ish a brick! ahaha

This is my true storaaayy…but it’s Still Cool2bChrisP!

But there are members there that are really good, like the ones that are taking me out to dinner tonight. We shall see. If they ask me about what I think about this church. I don’t have nothing but honesty to give to them….OK


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