My successes this week.

I am reading a book that suggest for people to start naming their successes during the week rather than their failures. 

My successes this week: 

1. Went to bed earlier 3 times this week

2. Went to the gym twice this week

3. I packed my lunch 4 days out of 5

4. I got a head start on the day 2 times this week

5. I drank my shakeology 5 days so far

6. I got my email set up for my students for my instructor job

7. I organized my student’s work, found what was missing and put the smack down on those students missing work

8. Was “officially” offered the instructor position lol crazy I know. (A lot of paperwork went into this process..some unnecessary..i think lol)

9. I went to a great Training at work on Friday and paid attention

10. I chose to walk to a restaurant yesterday during my break, rather than drive. 

11. I ate breakfast 5 mornings in a row. 

12. I drank more water

13. I got back on myfitness pal

14. I prayed more

15. I had better dreams this week

16. I felt an increase of energy

17. I made some personal appointments

18. I caught up on some backlogged paperwork

19. Did a session of free weights at the gym. 

By the way shout out to my mama for selling her SECOND property. Both sells have occurred within a months time. 

Maybe I can work on some more successes this weekend. I have to bring out my goal sheet, put it in the bathroom, by my front door, in my truck and in my office. Yeah! 

Success makes it Cool2bChrisP! 


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