Planned Parenthood….

I posted on my facebook last Friday my disgust for certain types of people. Last Friday I had to go to the Nissan dealership to get an oil change. I have to pass by Planned Parenthood while on my way to the dealership and as I passed by last week, what did I see? A few protestors standing in the yard of Planned Parenthood smack in the middle of the day while everybody else in America is at work. I have been aware for many years due to the news of how some people feel about PP, but this was my FIRST time seeing the protestors in real life. I was slightly perturbed. Then I ended up leaving my work laptop’s power cord at Nissan after my oil change was over and I was back at the park, so I had to go passed PP again only to see a crowd growing. This time instead of two pasty women, it was two women, a grown man and a middle school boy on the lawn with signs saying “Stop legal abortions” “shut down planned parenthood”. In recent news there was a fire at a planned parenthood in Missouri. Which is I think is counterproductive if one is all about “pro life” but threatens another’s life by bombing or starting fires at these people’s work place. Anyway! People can be soooooo hypercritical and sooooo self righteous. The same people out there screaming about the government taking their right to chose insurance, their rights to freedom of speech, rights this and rights that. ARE THE exact same people attempting to control what or who comes out of a woman’s womb and COOTIE! And they call themselves “Pro-lifers”, which in fact they are not “pro-life” they are “pro BIRTH”. I AM  pro life because  I actually deal with the women and the babies that made it out of the womb. Tending to what their needs are, such as advocating for community resources and providing case management/ counseling services while THESE pasty people are out in the middle of the d*** day protesting about abortions! And probably the same people that’ll judge a woman because she needs government assistant to pay for the BABY! I wasn’t too thrilled to see a MAN out there and neither was I too thrilled about seeing the young boy out there either. I’m sorry, I know the boys thought they were down for the cause, but sit your A$$ down if you have never planned on carrying a baby for 9 months, then letting it climb out of your coochie. 

Don’t get me wrong. I am a Christian, I love babies. I think if you got pregnant, you should have the baby. BUT at the same time. I don’t want anyone having a baby then placing it in a dumpster, or having a baby and not feeling any ATTACHMENT bc you didn’t want to have the baby anyway. People don’t understand the value of attachment. The baby and mother begin attaching emotionally to each other in the WOMB. Babies know when they are not wanted. And babies don’t stay little for long. I deal with a lot of these type babies who are in school now and have difficulty trying to maintain. 

I went without health insurance from December 2010 to March 2012. I found out quickly after going to my regular doctor for a physical and getting a bill of $250 that going to a regular physician was NOT something I could afford. And out of the $250 bill, the doctor showing up in the room with me for 5 minutes cost $200. The rest of the bill was labs. I was in grad school and working two part time jobs, so basically it took me a few months to pay this bill. I was just on a prayer to not get sick. Welp, I had some lady problems and to avoid the bill at my regular doctor, I chose to make an appointment with Planned Parenthood for a check up. It was very nice to not be charged an arm and a leg to be seen by a nurse or practitioner.  My attitude for PP changed after having to rely on them a few times while not having any insurance. So when I saw the protestors It just triggered something in me. And like I said I love babies. I would have some and adopt some if I could, but I’m not going to judge a woman for her decision to chose what she wants to carry. I will let GOD handle that. My best bet is to give a woman the education to chose what would be the right thing for her and pray it’s raise a baby, but I’m not going to crucify her if she doesn’t chose that route. 

That’s my spill and now…I’mma text a few people and go to bed. HOLLA


2 thoughts on “Planned Parenthood….

  1. All I can say is Amen. You are so right on the points you touched on. Folk having children everyday and not concerned with the well being of the child. A friend of mine told me that Planned Parenthood is not always for aborting the child, but they ask the mom if they would give birth and consider putting the child up for adoption.

    1. Thanks for the feedback. And another question is this? Why target PP about abortions all the time? There are thousands of other doctors in private clinics that do the same. I guess since PP has some gov funds it’s an easy target.

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