This weekend was…

Grreeeaattt. The twins came down Thursday evening and left this morning after church. This weekend actually went TOO FAST! We went out Friday after I got home from work to eat at Abuelo’s. Abuelo’s for those who don’t know is a Mexican Restaurant here in Roa. I’m not too much a fan of Mexican food because of the grease and how much it weighs you down. BUT Abuelo’s food is not greasy and very good! If it weren’t for me taking the twins to another restaurant the next day, they would have chosen to return to Abuelo’s. Friday night we went cruising in downtown Roanoke. I found a group in the area that focuses on learning a new language. Yessaahh! down my alley! I will look up the website as soon as I get finished with this blog. We headed over to Blue 5 to hear some live music. I loooooveeeee the blues and I love listening to live music bands. When we get in there it was much more crowded than I thought. Then I looked on stage and saw a familiar face playing the guitar! Ha! It was a guy I used to work with down in Pulaski. He played the STANK out of that guitar. I meant to tell him before I left, if he ever needed a female vocalist.. I’m that one!!! haha, can you imagine me jamming with the blues band?? I could rock out in ways you can’t imagine. 

Anyway, on Saturday we got up early so we could meet some church members at the church to visit Layman Family Farms. I have never been corn mazing in all my life. I had the blast and so did the twins! It was about 7 total people. Not only did we corn maze, but we did a hayride, picked out some pumpkins in the pumpkin patch, and ate a bit of home made kettle corn. After we left the farm we went back to the church. We went inside to use the facilities. I stayed upstairs to wait on the ladies to return, I heard somebody calling my name inside the church. I looked up from my phone and it was Brother CHACHI! He makes me smile…a lot. I love watching him do what he does in the way that he does it. Brother Chachi is 80 years old and has been married to the same woman for 60 years. PRICELESS! He showed me the renovated sanctuary and told all of us the expectation date of when the workers will be finished with the renovation process. After that we went to the picnic tables where Sis. Wood and others set out food they had prepared..for us to enjoy a Saturday picnic at the church. It felt great to have the twins with sisters, along with my new church family. A GREAT TIME WAS HAD BY ALL!  I appreciated Sis Wood inviting me and the fellowship with them all. 🙂

After the picnic we went home with all plans to visit the Dixie Caverns or at least take a visit to Virginia Tech’s campus, BUT the house got so quiet as Mari and Shari passed OUT. Then I passed out about an hour later. I woke up and everybody was in chill mode and it was already dark outside so no Caverns or Tech, It was about time to go get something to EAT. 

I took them to Harbor Inn “Fish House”. I take everybody who comes in town to the fish house!! It is good food, a lot of food for a reasonable price. I just went for the mostest. I got the crab legs and the steak. (low carb high protein). Mari and Shari got catfish and cod. At the end of the meal I saw both of them leaning in their chairs like…OMG my stomach..I’m so full!  I can’t do anymore! ahahaha! We all took some food home. My crab legs was so much work that I didn’t get to touch my steak. All worth it!! 

We then went home to chill out and watch movies. Church this morning was EXCELLENT! And they are now back in Nashville. 

A great one huh?




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