All in the eyes…

I am a people observer and reader. I don’t do it on purpose, I just became accustomed to reading facial expressions as a child, so that I could know people’s moods and determine the tensity in my own home with my own family. Most folk may feel naked or exposed around me..vulnerable, but it’s for my own protection, for my own knowledge for my thought narration that I look for certain things when I see you. And one thing I think is weird is…when people’s pupils in their eyes never dilate. Pupils are supposed to dilate or restrict in light, darkness, when enamored, when distraught, etc..well at least that is how I “see” it. When one’s pupils never go through this process I am CONFUSED about what one may be thinking or feeling. Then I start to think about what this person maybe on, as far as medication, etc. 

I say this to say, that I had a short term friend who’s pupils never dilated. I thought that was weird. My mom convinced me to continue to be friends with this person although I thought this person was awkward and cooky. I never knew where I stood…then I think I was more of a friend to this individual than this individual was to me. Again, I would never know because it wasn’t all in the eyes….So advice to all others out there, go with you first mind when meeting new people. If I had gone with my first mind, I wouldn’t have seen this person ever again after my initial meeting….small pupils just don’t sit well with me. This person turned out to be a little sweet, but flaky, cold, bipolar, moody, cut off from society….I’m so the opposite and the opposite of that Makes it Cool2bChrisP! 


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