Today one year Ago..Happy Halloween

Today last year in about the next hour and a half, I sliced my finger on my glass kitchen table while trying to help the person who bought it, take it out my house. I was in the process of selling my stuff and moving. I had the absolute worse October. Looking back on it..I had the chest pains, the Vavoline station when replacing my air filter messed up my truck and it stalled about 40 miles from my house. I got a flat tire, my principal at the time was slicing and dicing me, got bamboozled during a car inspection, had this horrible landlord while reacting from mold in the place, had two ER visits that cost me a lot of money. Whew! I’m glad that was a year ago! So Happy Halloween! R.I.P. to Oct 2012. Oh and my finger has healed very well. I thought for a while that it would never go back to fully functioning..but it did. Only thing..still itches every now and then and if I accidentally brush up against the wall it is still slightly sensitive. But thank God for healing grace!


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