That demon called Loneliness

There is a demon called loneliness and you may ask, why do you call it a “demon”? Honey because it can become a demon for a lot of us. If you are not used to being lonely, the feeling will catch you by surprise. And if you are used to being lonely, it can either become debilitating to your spirit or your mental health, physical self or all of the above.

That demon loneliness has the possibility of making you hang out with or entertain people who you would not normally entertain. In my case, since I have moved to small town USA there have been certain types of guys I have entertained that I KNOW for sure I would not have entertained if I didn’t fall for that demon of loneliness. I have done somethings in the state of loneliness that I KNOW I would not have done or even thought, if I were not in the state of loneliness. That is why I call it “that demon of loneliness”. I am a social creature at its best! I have learned to recognize it for what it is…as a feeling that will pass in due time. I pray…I march on. I know I am not the only person that deals with this from time to time. You don’t have to be single to be lonely. I have known married people, people with children who have complained about being lonely. Babies can get lonely when neglected. Animals get lonely…
I just pray I learned from my mistakes in that I don’t take loneliness so seriously and cause that demon to be the voice of my conscience.

It’s all good though. It comes with the territory when one transitions to another city/town where the only people you know are church people and coworkers…and a few folks sprinkled here and there around town. There will never be a place like home and I understand it, but just like my daddy told me one time..”Dandelions bloom wherever they are blown.”
Watch me bloom…

That demon is not cool but flourishing and blooming where I land makes it Cool2bChrisP!


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