Blood pressure!

Sooo I go to the docs office every week now to weigh, get a shot in my juicy hip, and get my vitals done. And before I tell you about my blood pressure reading the other day, let me tell you this.

When I was in college a doctor at home attempted to get me on blood pressure meds. He was like take two of these daily for bp. As he handed me sample pills I looked at him like..IM NOT TAKIN NOTHIN! I took them pills home and threw them away. I knew I had weight problems yes, but bp probs? Nope! Only time I get high bp is when I’m overly anxious or I’m sick.
Fast forward to last October 2012. I had a horrible episode one morning while in my kitchen w a sharp pain in my chest. I couldn’t explain it. It scared me. I went to work and asked the school nurse to take my pressure. She said…it’s high. Like 150/90. She said let me take it again in a couple of hours. She looked at me in a grandma type way and’re too young for this. What she didnt know was, my mom was on the road to come see me, I was trying to get my dump of a place cleaned up on top of trying to secure another place to live before the winter season came. By October I had looked for several months in the area but this area is weird when it comes to housing a single person. I kept getting turned down as if I didn’t have good credit! Turned down on favor of roommates and families. I had planned on showing my mom the apartments 35 miles up the interstate that weekend before I made a final decision. My mom made it in town and while she was w me, my doggone truck stalled. It had to be towed three times due to Valvolines inadequacies. So after getting it fixed, I took a trip to the ER for the chest pains I had a few days before. My bp at the ER was like 164/96. I think they kept me in there just to give it time to go down. They had me on Oxygen and everything. Turned out my heart was fine, all was well except for my pressure. Diagnosis? pure anxiety…

Now back to the docs office a few days ago. Mind you I said I get my pressure taken every week. I’m around 120/78. But guess what it was the other day???! 110/76! You say no big deal, but I say Thank You Jehovah! That’s great news for a big girl like me that’s in progress to slimming down. Now I need to check my sugars and my cholesterol…but I just thought I needed to share!
110/76 made it Cool2bChrisP!


4 thoughts on “Blood pressure!

  1. Those dang numbers can produce pride or defeat!! I am proud of you for getting good numbers and for pursuing better health!! Way to go!!:)

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