I am annoyed today! It’s dark outside already, my feet, nose and fingers are freezing. The internet man NEVER showed up to fix my modem. Not only did he not show up between 12-5, but the ding dong called me yesterday twice and called me this morning at 7:30AM to remind me. I was still asleep when he called and I have no recollection of our whole conversation. I just remember the guy asking me about my service appointment. I said, ok I’ll see you later on today. I NEVER did. I’m annoyed with this because I have already left two Friday afternoons from work early just to meet the DirectTv man. Only to find out I needed renter’s insurance one Friday, so I rescheduled..then this Friday the man got here for the dish and turned out I cannot get a dish with the way my apartment is facing to the NORTH. DirectTv satellites apparently face the south. Friday, I was also on the phone w Verizon to get my internet activated only to find out the modem wasn’t working. That is when I scheduled a technician to come out for today…12-5. Since the technician did not show today, I have gladly taken all of this equipment and placed it back in the USPS box that it came in and WILL return to SENDER tomorrow. I don’t have time to sit and wait for a technician outside of my weekends. I work two jobs, one of those jobs is 32 miles south of me. I cannot keep leaving early to meet these cable and internet dudes. Then that posed another problem in my head that I do not have any good friends/family in this town that can come up to my apartment to help me  wait on these people. I am by myself. Everything must be done on the weekend. Now I have to call my insurance people back and tell them I didn’t get the dish after trying to track them down for a week. I’m so annoyed. Usually I don’t get annoyed easily. I’m hungry. I didn’t cook because I was waiting on ole boy, cleaning up and such. I had a great weekend up until today when I just was like Grrrrrrr! I had a great weekend last week and this week was great at church. I have great sisters and brothers in Christ over at the church that I am falling in love with…We had a guest speaker come in from Memphis to do our gospel meeting up until Wednesday night. Now that guest preacher is gone, it’s back to soft voice preaching history class. I mean can a sistah catch a break and get some love?? My prayer is that I go to bed and wake up in a better mood. Right now I could toss this computer, my phone and break some stuff. I need a punching bag. I saw a neighbor up the hill during my walk yesterday had one in their backyard. I need to borrow that son! 



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