Today, something caught me by surprise. And no it was not a snake this time…

I had a little runner at school today who scared the daylights out of me by running towards the parking lot at school. When I saw him taking flight and into the parking lot…for the first time in my life, that I can remember, My body acted before I could think. What I remember doing was clearly taking OFF in flight in his direction as if I were in a bubble with me and him only. Not only did I take flight, but I picked up speed as if I were a Running BACK in a full sprint! I mean I had taken full running position like my personal trainer taught me 9 years ago lol. My back had a little lean to it, my head was slightly down. As I ran I noticed my arms were swinging like Chris Johnson before he got his paycheck from the Titans. When I noticed that my kiddo was getting closer and closer to me, that’s when my brain yelled, STOP, FOO before this kiddo thinks you are playing chase with him!! It scared me a little bit because I have no idea where this energy to sprint nor my strength came from AT ALL! Thursday’s are my low energy days because my Wednesdays are 16-17 hours long. It actually felt like somebody had pushed me forward in my back to make me sprint that fast. I think my brain finally kicked in when I felt the wind blowing through the ruffles of my denim skirt and my braids floating in the air. So I stopped dead in my tracks. And thought, dog. WHAT IN THE WORLD WAS THAT!?? I normally don’t run after kids AT ALL. After doing all of that summer program where I had kids running left and right, I wasn’t that one to be running behind no kid. Today was the exception to my own rule. 

I didn’t sprint far and it wasn’t a long time, but it scared me when I realized the power and bounce I had when I took flight. ahahaha. It was like RUUNNN FORREESSSTTTT RUUUNNNN! 

So that was my morning. Very interesting huh? 


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