Thanksgiving this year.

Well, Thanksgiving this year is going to look a little different in two ways. 

One way is that I am still honoring my low carb high protein and exercise lifestyle. So there will be turkey and lots of veggies. I looked online for low carb desserts and saw a cheescake that I could make with a crust made out of almond meal. The almond meal is less than 5 grams worth of carbs per serving, which is within my range. If my guests want stuffing or mac and cheese they can fix that and eat it, but I am not. Being on this eating plan has helped me so much so far and I don’t want to retract back to old habits. That bread and desserts are my body’s Kryptonite and so is alcohol. So that is why my meal will look vastly different from Thanksgivings in the past. I can remember waking up the day after Thanksgiving and eating cake for breakfast last year. NOT GOOD EVARRR! 


The second way my thanksgiving will look different is…..BOTH. I said BOTH my mama and MAN will be here in my house the whole entire week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ahahaha! I am excited to have them in my place..also slightly apprehensive. I don’t remember the last time we all spent a week with each other in one house. If someone ends up missing during that week, just call MR. TIBBS from in the Heat of the Night and sing the theme song!  I am making plans to enjoy a hike at the Cascades with them. My mom has wanted to go for over a year, but time, health and weather has prevented that coming to pass. I am actually excited to go this time, because I will be with my kin. When I with people who are expert hikers, that’s when I get NERVOUS and fear imminent death from choking on my own tongue while trying to catch my breath! And I fear that my heart will bust out of my chest, walk off and leave me by myself. I’m serious though. 

I am also planning some other things to get them out of the house..although by then I should have my cable and internet by then. 

I will have off days, so I want to use them as best I can by finding fun stuff to do that includes exercise with my family. 

I do have a bucket list idea. I am hoping that God gives us time, but I want to participate in a leukemia lymphoma society half marathon with my dad and possibly with my mom in memory of my brother. I think it would be a great way to say we love him and honor his life and cancer fight. What’s a little body pain compared to chemo pain? Nothing. I pray we are able to do this within the next year or so. I am losing this weight and by George I wanna do it. 


anyway, long story short. Lord’s willing, this Thanksgiving will make it Cool2bChrisP! (at least we all hope so)


4 thoughts on “Thanksgiving this year.

  1. If someone ends up missing during that week, just call MR. TIBBS from in the Heat of the Night and sing the theme song!- LMBO! I loved this show and my boy Sweets.

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