I have been off any carbs over 5 grams for a month and a half now. Not only is my body changing but my brain is like WHAT?! No bread? No sugars?!!!!!! GIVE MEEEEEE! And when I don’t “GIVE ME” I get it in my dreams. The first few weeks I dreamt about eating stale cupcakes. I visited a pizza buffet like CC’s pizza. There was pasta and bread everywhere. Then I dreamed about spaghetti, those little yeast rolls you eat at the O’Charley’s, but the ODDEST dream I’ve had thus far….It was a dream of the hamburger helper glove. It was so WEIRD. I thought it was a helicopter in the sky..when I looked up at the object. I was astounded at the Hamburger helper glove up in the sky. The worse part was, the thing called my name, First and last name. My thought process was, I DON’T EVEN EAT YOU!!!! 


Crazy huh?


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