I have been holding this information for a minute. The information is that I have been communicating with a new friend. And somehow and someway this friend sent me three songs to listen to. One song in particular was a song that I have enjoyed over and over for years, but I have never concentrated on its lyrics. When he sent me the song and I listened to it. I automatically zeroed into certain lyrics of the song and started tearing up! I was shocked by my emotional response to the lyrics as again I had heard it and sang it many times before. Then I was astounded that this new friend assimilated my stories that I have shared with him to this song and it hit me like this. It showed me that my stories were not just words…but words with feelings. 

What was the song? Piano Man by Billy Joel. I’m not going to spill which part of the song caused me an emotional response. But I did tell him and he told me I was dead on in my interpretation. The emotions could have been hormonal, but at the same time I was caught off guard. *GASP

The other song he sent me was Smile by Uncle Kracker. I had heard this song in the passed before as well, but again never paid attention to the lyrics. This song is very sweet and it made my day. 

Anyway, I’ve held that in a couple of weeks, because I wasn’t sure if I wanted to share that private moment..

The emotions made it Cool2bChrisP! If even for that moment. 


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