So why did I just find out that the “fellow staffer” who came into my classroom to observe me and critique my teaching technique was actually the dean?? I thought his name was DEAN!!! His real name is Mr. E. But I thought he worked with the finance department! Why did I think this? Because #1 HE NEVER introduced himself, nor did I get the memo that we at ITT had a new dean. #2 The first time I met him, he was hounding a student of mine to go see the people at financial aid. That is what made me think he was a finance guy rather than our new dean. 

Not knowing he was the dean, my conversation with him after he critiqued me was…I wish you had come earlier in the quarter as I am a new teacher and need all of the feedback I can get! He looked at me like…really?? Well Cool Chris, the dean just started so he couldn’t have observed my class around week 3. But he did tell me I exceeded the expectations he had because I was the highest scoring adjunct professor. This at the time was not really a big big compliment, because I thought he was the finance guy. But now that  I know he is the DEAN, then it was a huge deal! Then he came back the next week to observe me and was very glad I took his suggestions from the week before. I was also glad for his suggestions to utilize the whiteboard more and to improve upon transitions and classroom expectations. I would love to just sit and do research on improving my teaching techniques for the next time I stand behind the podium as an instructor. 

I made rookie mistakes and I know it. I think I may have been too lenient at times, but then again I had a few people fail my class. I wasn’t too miffed because I know as a new teacher, some of my students got over on somethings, but those one’s that attempted to get over will be taking the class over again. 

I now have a GREAT GREAT respect for educators. I respected them, but not in this way. I also respect ADJUNCTS, because this is not their only job and it takes a HUGE sacrifice to use any free time to grade papers! I’ve lost a few hours of sleep, sped up the interstate to get to class on time, worked 16-17 hour Wednesdays, but it was alllllllll worth it. I got the experience, I have met some wonderful staff and students and a new found respect for the field. I think I would love to teach on the collegiate level one day! We shall see. 

Adjunct Instructing made it Cool2BChrisP! 


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