5.5 days away

Next week Lord’s willing I will be heading down the interstate to go home for the Christmas and New Year’s Holidays. I like to say out the holidays vs saying the “holiday” season. I will not be driving alone this time, but will be having a friend tagging along with me who attended Fisk a few years ago. I am excited that she will be riding with me. She was the same person I visited when I was in South Florida for my birthday. Our lives intersect in various ways, although she is from Jamaica. She moved from Jamaica to Nashville, Tn to attend undergrad, then graduated and came up this way to attend Virginia Tech for grad school. I met her last spring while at church. It was weird. I was slightly late to church and she was EXTREMELY late to church and when she came in, she sat right in front of me. FIRST off, she is black! I was like, who is this young black girl sitting in front of me? I’ve never seenT her before! Why was it important that she is black? Because there are not many of us in the church. I was about one of five maybe on a good day. Then #2 Her hair is natural. She had a nice little afro puff! I had my puff and stuff going on as well. So I had to stop her after church and was thrown back that she had an ACCENT! We exchanged information after the excitement that both of us had Nashville connections and met in the most unlikely place. She was not a regular at the church like I was, she was there just to try something different that day. I hate I don’t live closer like I used to when I lived near VTech, but it is what it is. We always seem to run into each other periodically. 

Welp that was a brief excursion..anyway, I am looking forward to being in the face of my parents, cooking, shopping, seeing my friends and chilling with my sister. I miss them all so much that sometimes it hurts. I also look forward to a low electricity bill when I return back to my apartment. Being away from the place for two weeks is a winner as far as bills hehe! 

I am trying to research what exactly to cook for Christmas and New Years that satisfies the low carb life. I think I will do a repeat on the cauliflower, maybe do some kabobs, repeat on the greens, and something else. I must do research. 

Home makes it Cool2bChrisP! 


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