Late update!!!

I did not tell yall how my Thanksgiving went with my parents. Here is the back story. My parents drove up to VA to come visit me during the whole week of Thanksgiving. They came up on that Monday and went back on that Sunday. A long time huh? Granted I don’t remember the last time I have spent that much time with both my parents in one residence. I was concerned at first, but my concerns were met with a good time! I had a blast with my folks, outside of getting a cold during that week. I felt like a kid on Christmas morning that got all of the presents she wanted and they were the best ever! Of course there were some small banters, but if there weren’t any moments of bantering I would not a part of the right family. I went to bed one night early and as I was in the bed, I overheard both my parents laughing at the TV and talking (loud). I thought, WHO WOULDA THUNK IT? You can’t tell me there’s no God. All the storms we have gone through? I do mean all types of them, from hurricanes, tsunami’s, tornado’s, sandstorms, hail, fire and brimstones for years. *Tamar voice* Won’t HE do it??

The meal turned out great. Although I shall tweak somethings the next time. Who loses a couple of pounds during Thanksgiving? Me and mama that’s who! Man said he didn’t lose any, in fact he thinks he gained. I don’t know about that, but I do know his sugars stayed within normal levels all week long. Go POP! Now he calls me asking me about what to eat. hehe I’m loving it. 

If you have a family situation that is similar and it’s not on the UP. Please trust that it can happen, but it takes time, maturity, prayers, love, sometimes distance and more prayers! 

My family makes it Cool2bChrisP!


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