Merry Christmas 2013!

It’s Christmas already folks! I cannot believe how fast a year has gone by. I am at Man’s house chilling watching “It’s A Wonderful Life” and I just watched “A Christmas Story”….My mom is here as well cooking Collards/Kale. I cooked it over’s her turn now. I will be cooking the rest. I will be trying my hand at making some almond cookies as well tomorrow morning.

I am so thankful for the time I have with my family although there are times they snatch my nerves. What is family if they don’t snatch your nerves from time to time right? I am also thankful for the life and light I get from being in the CITY! I made it home from VA on Friday evening and had a very eventful weekend!!

Saturday was the biggest event and earliest Christmas present I have gotten. It was wrapped up in a tall piece of a guy who is a great friend to me. We went to the Melting Pot in downtown Nashville. I had never been to this restaurant so I was excited to go. You basically cook your own food in a fondue type style. I wanted to stay on my low carb high protein eating plan, but my date asked me if I wanted to have the full experience, so I did eat some items that were not permitted but hey! oh well! Eat.Drink. and Be Merry! This place is so inviting with the wait staff and the ambience. The staff asked if we were celebrating anything? My handsomeness says, yes we are.. I was all smiles.The wait staff was very sweet to us, was very inviting and I wondered why haven’t I been here before?? They are great! HE was very sweet and during the eating/learning experience we lost track of time. I looked up and asked him, wait, WHAT TIME is it?? We had to be at the comedy club by 9pm. It was 8:40 and we had just finished our main course with dessert coming soon. We tried to speed it up so we could make it to the comedy club to see Lavell Crawford. We got outside to give valet my receipt to get my truck back and guess what?? The tornado sirens went off in downtown Nashville. I had forgotten my cellphone in my truck (not like me), so I didn’t know my mom and Man were calling and texting me in a frenzy. I had my work cell on me and my sister got through to me to let me know we had a tornado warning. My handsome date and I were trying to figure out what to do. We didn’t want to go to the club if we were in the middle of a tornado, but then I thought let’s make a run for it….until I got to my phone and called my dad back who was very frantic with frantic that my handsome date heard my dad’s elevated voice over the phone. Because my handsome date has a teen daughter he totally understood my dad’s high anxiety. So to obey, we stopped off in a parking garage in downtown Nashville. The tornado sirens downtown are extremely loud and it went off for a full hour. We stood at the edge of 2nd avenue watching people walking the streets, looking at the Christmas tree in front of the courthouse, taking pictures, talking..until the rain started and I was ordered to get my pretty self back in the parking garage. I could not believe what exactly was happening on our date ahaha! I got yelled out by my pops and I was stuck downtown with Mr. Handsome who by the way did an incredible job of staying calm. I was calm on the outside but on the inside due to getting yelled at, I was a little anxious. My handsome date is an Environmental Health and Safety Manager at his job and one of his job titles is watching for safety hazards that include weather concerns. He took control and made me feel relaxed, told me where to go in the parking garage if the wind were to pick up. We stayed there for 45 minutes. He looked at me and says, “This date is most definitely memorable”. I agreed, as I have never had to sit in a parking garage, slightly fearing for my safety, but with a Mr. Handsome being the man in the situation. hehehe

Needless to say, we never got a tornado to touch down in downtown Nashville..the worse that happened was some wind, cooler air and a drench of rain.

We finally made it to Zanies all late and the place was packed! We missed much of the opening act, but saw my most favorite comedian Lavell Crawford doing what he does best. I had a great hearty laugh while there. Lavell thanked us (the audience) for braving the “hurricane” to see his act.

Being able to spend time with him in a unique situation was a great Christmas gift. ahaha

Sunday happened with about 1.5 hours of sleep and the kid popped up to head to church on Sunday Morning. I had to see what my brother at church had to show me since he had texted me last Sunday about my whereabouts. I found out that HE and his girlfriend are getting MARRIED! I am so elated for them! I wanna be at their wedding LIVE and in COLOR! I absolutely love my brother CB and his fiancee’. I am also in love with my church members, no matter if I didn’t get any sleep, I’m glad I got to make it to service and bible study just to be around them and get some LOVE! They are also my Christmas gift.

To be continued. I love you all! Merry Christmas 2013. Stay tuned as I run down my year in review in the next few days.


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