College dreams

I remember when I was going to college, I truly believed that after college I would not have to worry about my finances or my career. This is exactly what I thought..picture it, Nashville 2005. I would be walking around downtown Nashville in my pumps and business suit, carrying a briefcase or a recent article in my hand, headed towards a restaurant to enjoy a quiet lunch with a coworker. As I enjoy my lunch in a swanky restaurant downtown with my coworker discussing our latest endeavors on the job or our upcoming bonuses, I think wow, life is good. I have my bachelor’s degree, a great career at a young age………………POW POW! Reality? I now have my graduate’s degree and I still don’t have my pumps and business suit. Of course my feet would not enjoy the pumps everyday. I would not enjoy so many business suits during the week…but it was NOTHING like I expected. I have given so much of myself to these jobs I’ve had. The reality of 2005 was that I got hired at this residential/group home working 60 hour weeks on a four day week, spending overnights at this “home” with teen boys with various emotional, mental and behavioral problems. I spent most of my time regretting the fact that I chose that position, especially when I had to learn to WORK with some incompetent people who also hated their lives and jobs. These people were not your professional people in the least bit. I carried a lot of weight (literally and figuratively) when working with hood rat and ratchet people.  I did get to work with a personal trainer at the time during my down time, but I would miss some of my appointments due to my work schedule. I miss having my trainer. He was great! 

The other reality is that I never expected to be a post grad student and still searching for that right niche….along with bills and a lingering student loan payment. I didn’t expect to be the one to worry about not getting compensated for time, due to the government etc. I never thought about that..but If I had thought about it when in undergrad I would have had a level head and thought to minor in something like Spanish, Business or something international. My cousin went to school in Hospital Management or something like that and does not have to continue education at all. He came out and lived my dream…ahahaha


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