Year in Review…

The best parts of the 2013 year!!!!!!!!!!! I had a great year mostly. There were some parts of it that was marred with a very dark period, but mostly I had a great one. 

I can start it out by saying I had my first winter in the VA. I experienced all of the beautiful snow that was in store…although by March I hated even seeing it in the forecast. 

I met some very sweet and not so sweet people in 2013. I finally met my friend Jason in 2013 after talking to him nearly a whole year. He’s a good person and I hope he continues to get the help he needs in order to get back to better health. 

I met some great church members in Salem. They have been very hospitable to me this year. I look forward to spending more time with them outside of church. 

I found out I was severely Vitamin D deficient middle to late part of this year. It explained a lot for me, including weight gain, extremely fatigue, mood swings and body problems. After I got that addressed and began getting B-12 shots all of that improved for me within about 6 weeks. I am going tomorrow to go get my levels checked while I am at home in Nashville. I haven’t had a pill in a month and a few weeks. I can kinda tell it too. I’ve been fatigue…it could be because I am at home though. 

I also lost 21 pounds to get me a jump start on 2014!! Excitement…although I may have gained a couple of pounds since coming home, but I plan on running later on today to get my exercise on. I’mma feel good! 

My blood pressure has gone down since 2012. My body has had time to calm down from all of the  transitions that occurred the year before. I moved from my mom’s house in January to my dad’s house, then moved from my dad’s house to Blacksburg, VA late February, then moved from Blacksburg to Salem in November. AND started a new job…and was driving to timbuktu. So my last BP reading was around 117/76 a couple of weeks ago. 

I recently saw a lady who is the psychiatrist for the school system in the school I previously worked for last year. When I saw her, I recognized her, but could not remember who or what her name was….I introduced myself. I told her I was no longer in PC schools, but up in BBurg. She says, ahhhh yessss! “You’re the lady with sunshine in her heart.” I melted right there where I stood. What?? I had not seen this lady since spring 2013. And it’s not like we had that many opportunities to be in each other’s company. She looked at the kid I had with me. She told the kid, that I was in “high demand and well missed” as well as told my kid that “he should be honored”. It was so sweet that even my kid(who is very spicy) started blushing and smiling.  THAT WAS A HIGHLIGHT!


RADIO CHRIS! Over the summer I had email conversations with the director of programs from the urban radio station. She took one of my ideas and had the afternoon DJ open the phone lines for listeners to call in to express their concerns about the Trayvon Martin case. There were so many callers to “her” surprise. She asked me to call in because it appeared as if I was very vocal. I called in and talked to DOCE the DJ. As we talked, he asked a few questions and I answered to my best ability. Our conversation was NOT on air. About 45 minutes after our conversation, I was still listening…when I heard…MEEEEE!!!!!! They recorded our conversation and replayed it all before a commercial! Definitely a highlight in 2013! BOOM! Of course I had radio dreams after that.

To be continued….


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