In Summary

Happy 2014! I don’t have the power to foresee the future, but I hope and pray that my family as well as your family has a great year! Last year I made two trips to South Florida. I learned to let go of certain “idealistic” notions of people and face the realities of what will not be or what will be. In other words I loosened my grip..released myself from someone..well a couple of people I held so tightly in my mind. It felt so good to finally let go. I need reciprocation of any and all the things I put into situations. I learned that in 2013.
I was reminded of how short and precious life is. I suddenly lost a kid I used to work with in Nashville. I loved him as if he were my own, although he was a few weeks shy of his 23rd birthday. He will always be the kid who was successful in my book.
I also grieved over a first grader my school lost in a horrible accident. To bring the news of a classmates passing to elementary aged students is heart wrenching. To see his little desk and chair not occupied was a test of all of our strength and faith. Makes me teary eyed just remembering. Tears are not bad things…in fact they cleanse the body..they also give light to the fact that we all miss our boy.

I’ve learned to listen to my instincts..although I didn’t always follow them.

I’ve learned there’s a non ethanol gas station in Roanoke. 🙂 I am a person that will drive extra miles just to get pure gas. There used to be a regular spot I’d go to by my old school but since transferring to another county, I can no longer go there.

I’ve learned to get more sleep. Stop going in around midnight-one. Especially since I drive so much to work. Driving alone has been enough to wear me out.

I appreciate the field of instructing. I’ve seen the other side of colligiate education. I’ve learned that grown people are not always grown acting…ADHD looks the same in an adult as it does in a child.

12 months went by very swiftly! I cherish the new things that have developed with new people and situations. I look forward to moving forward with life outside of fear barriers, physically, spiritually, mentally, financially. I pray to utilize the wisdom God has given me and to show my heart to the ones who won’t desert it.

Happy 2014!


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