Shout out!

I do not know where I would be without my good friends/brothers/sisters. I want every single one of yall to know I appreciate the way you treat me when I come home. It’s like I have not missed a beat. I had a great time for New Years eve, although I don’t know why I was reluctant to come over the DT’s house. Smh….It’s a habit. I do that up in VA to avoid 30 extra miles of driving. I had a blast listening to old school tracks and trying not to ACK a fool in front of company. But how about Man thought I had been smoking in my car the morning after I left there because the smell of the cooking was all over my clothing, which in turn got into my truck. :-)…2013 and the beginning of this year has solidified the meaning of TRUE friendships and the art of having genuine people no matter where you move to or how often you talk or don’t talk. I admit! I am really bad about picking up the phone and calling most of my friends. Even my best friends call me vs me calling them. I half way call my parents…unless it’s late and I have not heard from them.

I appreciate the moment when I crashed on the couch at the Stuart’s house on Monday. But before crashing, there was a lot of laughter about hair and sleep…The best quote of the night “Oh is that what we’re doing, we’re all going to sleep…I give yall 10 mins” ahahaha. And the remix to Drake’s song “Hold on we’re going home” Oy vay!!” Thanks for feeding me for old time sake and letting me talk so much!

Celebrating my sister’s birthday at Paint and Canvas with a good friend. Then all of us in the paint studio cracking up over our differences and the pictures we took. That was my first time doing the paint instructing and it was great! The sparkling Moscato was awesome as well…my sister is an awesome sister. I thank God for her and love her from the bottomssss of my heart. I would fight somebody if they did her in! Lol

I visited with another family that it is always good to see them. I love them so much and pray for all of them as they receive better health during this year and years to come. I pray for improved health, continued faith, continued strength, uplifted spirits and the friends to share the burdens with. I wanted to stop by the B’s house before heading up the road, but did not get the opportunity.

I appreciate my parents for being my parents. Although I struggle with a lot of notions..I will appreciate one person in particular for being a peacemaker. “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God” Matthew 5:9

My old college roommate who lives in Memphis and is a single mother, drove ALLLLLL (3 hours) the way to Nashville after she got off from work Friday night to come see me. We have not seen each other since that day I ate that dreadful hominy in Jackson, TN back in 2011. lol She didn’t stay but 13 good hours. She left when I left. The laughter going on when we were TALKING! OMG! She is incredible!!!!!!! I absolutely love her from the bottom bottom of my heart!

I keep this blog so you my friends and family from home and other places can know what I have been up to or what my thought processes are and share with me my experiences. It is not easy being in Virginia by myself. That’s a lot of truth. It’s never easy picking up and leaving the familiar for the unfamiliar. …although I make it look easy sometimes and like it’s all fun and games. Truth is, it’s difficult not being able to take a trip across town to my fav store or to laugh it up in person with my sisters and brothers.

I appreciate all of those who took a TRIP to VA to come see me in 2013. There was a lot of yall who did that. I appreciate people not expecting things from me, but me..checking in and being present..and that’s why I love my brother CB. He calls me about every other month or once a quarter to check in with me. I always get off the phone feeling educated on something and exuberant just because he gives off that vibe.

I know a lot of you all do not have a single person in your life that is a true friend..but I have multiples. I am multiply blessed. If it’s not a visit, it’s a phone call, text message or facebook message and I love it And I just wanted to shout you all out!! *group hug!!!

Oh yeah, shout out to my Syracuse friend in that cold weather!! I love you!

My sisters, brothers, family, friends make it Cool2bChrisP!


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