Yesterday’s PIt stop to Johnson City

Yesterday I got on the road around 1pm CST. I could not have asked for a better day to be on the road. It was clear as far as weather, but of course there were a few incidents to make note this Jeep that nearly clipped me in the front as he attempted to get in front of me. Don’t play with me and ladybug while on the road. I made it my point to honk my horn and do the Michael Jackson…what’s the Michael Jackson? Remember the “The way you make me feel” video? At the beginning when the girl just walked passed him and ignored him. Mike goes..HEYYYY!!! and then gave the face. That’s what I did….and when I had my prime opportunity, I got over and lowered ladybug’s gas pedal to pass that bama! I had to lower the gas pedal a few times while on the road..but that was only in Tennessee. I don’t risk it in VA. No..not at all. I have a side story about somebody else in a minute, I will get to that story. 


Well I was invited to dinner in Johnson City yesterday and I was totally excited to take the invitation. Since I left Nashville a day early, I was in no hurry to get to VA so I obliged. I have never been. I realized Johnson City is  a prime location to get to everywhere within a matter of minutes to an hour and a few minutes. You can be in VA in less than 15 miles, in North Carolina in 30 minutes, Knoxville in an hour or less, Nashville in 3 hours, Atlanta in 4.5 hours, Charlotte in 2.5 hours or Roanoke in 2.5 hours. It’s perfect. I almost moved to Bristol before moving further North. If I had moved to Bristol, I would have been on the road a lot to Knoxville or the Carolinas to go shopping. Sorry, I got off on a tangent. 

I got to Johnson City in good timing. It was a little bit after 4:20pm CST. Everything off the exit looked about less than five years old. And from what I’ve heard the town is growing due to its location and it’s factories. 

I visited my old coworker who actually replaced me in the school district I left this year. Her husband’s job moved them to Johnson City, TN. She did not work with our agency but less than 8 months, but we got along very well. We spent a lot of time together as I attempted to get her well known to my clients in Pulaski…and as I grieved giving up my clients in Pulaski. 

Her husband cooked baked chicken with cherry tomatoes, cheese and something else on top which was excellent with broccoli and fruit. I’m not supposed to eat fruit, but it looked too good to pass up. ahaha. She told me that she and her husband googled what low carb dish they could prepare me. LOL! that was so sweet! 

I planned on staying about an hour, but ended up staying about 2.5/3 hours. She is animated, I am animated and I learned that her husband is as well…So animated people like to talk…A LOT!! I had a great time. AND I’m relieved that I know somebody that lives in the halfway point of my travels. Just in case!

I have to send her and her husband a thank you card. Seriously. I enjoyed myself and it was something different to do. I normally don’t like stopping. I get in a groove and never have liked it, but again since I was in no rush, it was great this time!

My pit stop in Johnson City made it Cool2bChrisP! 

Til next time…OOHHH

P.S. It was dark when I got into Virginia. i think I had passed Marion, VA going about 71-75 MPH. It’s too dark, I can’t see if Troopers or State Police are out and about..seeking whom they may devour….So as I’m doing the required speed out in no man’s land by myself mostly…A Honda Pilot sped by me with New Jersey tags, as if I were standing still…now if you speed by me, that means you are going extremely fast! So I try to catch up so I can have a speed partner. I sped up to about 80-85 mph. I started getting nervous..bc VA don’t play and I just paid for that ticket a few days ago. Next thing I know, I’m realizing even with an increase of speed, I still am not able to catch up to them. New Jersey had to have been doing about 100 mph! My mind just went into a slave vernacular ahaha…”Don’t they know about VA…they gonna gets a ticket. OH, po po gonna get em out here in deez parts!” They lost me..and again I was out there by myself.. I went back down to my 75. Next thang I know, I’m driving and see blue lights on the side of the interstate and the policeman is already out of his truck. I pass by and guess who GOT GOT?? New Jersey. I felt the pain of how much that ticket will be worth. VA charges $8 for every mile that you are over, plus the processing fee and taxes. OOOOOOOOOwwwwweeeeeeee. 


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